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Maletas lateras Shad SH36 para Crosstourer

side cases Shad SH36 for Crosstourer

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Shad side suit set with specific supports for Honda Crosstourer 1200 2012-17, kit includes carbon hardware and covers

The SH36 suitcase for Crosstourer includes everything needed for mounting on the bike, with the new 3 point fixing system and a full integration in chassis, without unnecessary structures

Included in the pack:

- SH36 suitcase with smoked reflective reflectors.

-Specific Fixing Kit 3P System

-Top Bonnet Play

Optional Accessories:

-Specific interior pouch.

-Beads in various interchangeable colors.

- Reflective red reflectors.

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The Shad SH36 cases are an idea carried out in an exceptional way, because Shad has managed to combine in them a completely avant-garde design and the highest performance in a perfect balance with the safety for the driver.

Few are the compliments that we can think of for this new model of suitcases, and not for less, the SH36 were awarded in 2015 with the award Red Dot gradesign of both the suitcases and the assembly system of these side cases. Undoubtedly a success for Shad who could also contemplate how in October 2016 SH36 were also laureates obtaining the International Design German Award granted only to those who above the rest contribute significantly in the field of international design.

All these prizes are really a reward for the tralow well done, because the SH36 are dealing with the lightest suitcases in its segment reaching the incredible weight of 3.58kg, something surprising, but it is possible after knowing that these suitcases have been tested with 10kg of load each during 100,000 kilometers without the minimum wear both in its closing system and in the anchorage to the motorcycle.

Another of the great qualities of the SH36 is its absolute tightness, since the frame of the suitcases andis designed in 2 layers with a hermetically sealed strip of pyramidal shape that prevents the passage of water to the inside of the suitcase and lead to the base where a drip is responsible for draining the entire circuit.

With 36 liters of capacity and each millimeter of optimized space, these suitcases are capable of accommodating up to a modular XXL hull, thus offering the opportunity not to mount Top Case for these needs. The accomodation comes withcovered with a set of elastic straps and a small platform at the base of the suitcase to facilitate storage inside the trunk.

The SH36 side cases come with a set of carbon-free overlays, but at Shad they are aware of the needs of each driver and therefore offer a wide range of overlays in different colors, including white blackate, new titanium and dark gray, in addition to those already mentioned in simile carbon included in the suitcases.

As a last accessory we have the possibility of acquiring the specific internal bag, which, contrary to the great offer in bags that exist for other trunks and suitcases, this one has been designed specifically for the SH36 so that they offer a prefect adjustment inside the suitcase and the great comfort of carrying all the luggage hanging on the shoulder grto its handle and straps.


The 3P System fastening set is for many the true protagonist of the success of the SH36 side cases. It is a system of fittings with 3-point fastening on the suitcase really strong, so the safety with these fastenings is guaranteed.

The design is another strong point in the 3P System, as the bike is with un single frame fixed to the sides so that the aesthetic line of the motorcycle is practically intact. This system presumes to be one of the least intrusive that exist until today.

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