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    Importance of the motorcycle oil, its maintenance and the maintenance of our motorcycle.

    The maintenance of the motorcycles is of paramount importance to extend the life of each of its parts, especially when talking about motorcycle oil, because it has to be done in the right way.

    Not only is the engine, but each one of the parts of the bike that make integral and vital part of the motorcycle:

    • Lubricate and prevent wear: Thanks to the circulation exerted by means of the pump, the oil manages to reach each of the parts of the motor that are in movement, thus achieving a homogeneous lubrication of each one of them and avoiding the exerted wear by friction.
    • Improved engine start: Grait can efficiently improve the speed when starting the engine, so it will not be forced or there will be any damage in any of the parts.
    • Protects and prevents corrosion: Upon reaching the top of the engine and lubricating the rings and walls of the cylinders, the formations of deposits produced by the combustion are reduced in a good way.
    • Provides in the cooling system: The constant flow of oil on each of the motor parts provides a good percentage in the cooling system, since the conventional system does not cover 100% of this operation.

    As mentioned above, the maintenance of motorcycle oil is of vital importance, and not only is the oil mixture important in the 2T, but also the lubrication of the gearbox must be taken care of, and in many clutches it must also be changed andl oil being used.

    In Eurobikes we have a great offer of the best oils of the market for motorcycles, among which we can mention Castrol, Metal Lube, Motorex, Motul, specially designed for each part of the motorcycle, and with special characteristics for each use.

    A range of lubricants tested by the best brands and the most demanding tests, Motul, Motorex or Castrol, leaders in motorcycle lubricants, since the smaller scooter to the greater motorcycle, we have the lubricants that may need, in all its versions to always be the most suitable.


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