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Category: Motorcycle Windshields

    Motorbike domes and windshields to protect you from rain, wind in any weather condition or from the impact of possible objects ...

    Motorbike domes and windshields are accessories that many motorcbikers like, since they can give a different aesthetic touch to they motorcycles.

    • With wind against the motorcycle responds better because the wind is cut efficiently, preventing it from directly crashing with the pilot's body, thus considerably slowing the acceleration.
    • With wind in favor the motorcycle also responds much more efficiently, taking the wind as an extra factor to increase the acceleration and performance of the engine.
    • The maneuverability of the motorcycle increases when there is no extra charge on the driver's body.
    • Accidents caused by loose stones, solid wastes, insects or other elements that could directly impact the pilot's body are avoided.

    Characteristics of windshields for motorcycles:

    • Shades: Many models have a different color that stands out from the standard models that are totally transparent.
    • Reflective tapes: They areelements that shine before the presence of light of any type on them, thus improving the safety of the pilots in traffic accidents.
    • Automatically adjustable: These automatically change their angle with the impact of the wind on the domes or windshields, thus improving the efficiency of the motorcycle.
    • Manually adjustable: According to the need of each driver and the position that each oneadopt at the time of driving, these can be adjusted by each of them.
    • They are ideal complements for your motorcycle in rainy days or to protect you from the wind

    These accessories are adaptable according to the type of motorcycle, make or model and are designed to offer maximum safety, as well as to protect us from different weather conditions.

    These accessories for motorcycles can get them de simple way and with the best prices on the market in our Eurobikes online store, because there you will take a choice with which you will feel according to the model of your motorcycle and so you can feel the difference when you take to take the asphalt.


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