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Waterproof motorcycle saddlebags, of all sizes for custom, Naked, cafe racer, Trail, enduro and road.

One of the most popular motorcycle accessories is without a doubt the saddlebags , since in ancient times this system has been used to carry all sorts of things, a traditional and simple system adapted to the different means that we have arranged in every age, from the donkeys and horses to what brings usand here, the bike.

The system of transporting luggage through saddlebags has evolved a lot, and is that if in an origin it is something as simple as two side pockets tied to each other to make counterweight at present there are numerous variations, eachone of them adapted to completely different styles and needs. From Eurobikes we will try to clarify the doubts you may have and try to help you to know a little better the different ranges of saddlebags for motorcycle offered by the market.

What types of saddlebags for motorcycles exist?

Many, probably the ones we all know are typical leather saddle bags for custom bikes, but you should know that manufacturers have now been updated and offer us a model of saddlebags designed and

especially for each type of motorcycle and driving. Thus, we see how Givi offers us models like the EA100B for naked and supersport bikes, the Metro-T range and its MT501 or Sport-T ST601 designed for the increasingly popular cafe racer, even surprises with a new Gravel-T GRT708, where we find premium saddlebags for enduro motorcycles.

What are the differences between each saddlebag model?

As almost always the answer to this

A question depends on the use we want to give our saddlebags . The first thing we have to look at is the capacity they have and know how much we need. For example if our idea is to keep in them the daily objects and the utensils that we transport daily we can suffice with about 15 liters in each one of them. If we want to keep one or two helmets inside theThe capacity we should look for will be about 30 liters per saddlebag and at least here. we have a really interesting option with Shad E-48, offering quality saddlebags at an unbeatable price range.

Another thing to consider in addition to the capacity are the features of the saddlebags , the most common is usually ser the fact that they are waterproof or not, and is that if you are an adventurer who usually leaves the road with the motorcycle or simply live in an area where it often rains with assiduity this feature will be indispensable since you will keep all luggage dry and safe of contingencies.

What are the best motorcycle saddlebags?

Well, let's go back to what used to be.

ras to give, probably for a rutero that rolls over by land as asphalt the SW Motech Dakar Saddlebags is one of the most attractive options that can be offered, on the contrary if you have in your power a great Kawasaki Z800 or some model Naked or supersport similarGivi EA100B or the Shad E-48 as the most interesting proposals of saddlebagss for your bike.

Are saddlebags safe for motorcycles?

No doubt if, as long as we use them for what they are intended, if we intend to use a model of saddlebag any without having on the bike any kind of anchor or support during long journeys by motorway we must know that we will probably give problems, since such a combination is not intended for travel but for a more urban or everyday use. However, if we choose models such as those mentioned SW Motech Dakar or Givi Sport-T ST601 with its specific support we can embark on any type of trip without worrying for a second of the rigidity and stability of ourLike everything in this life "things well done, well done are".

Are they going to burn the saddlebags with the exhaust pipe?

The majority of models of saddlebags that we offer the main manufacturers are confectionwith fire retardant materials and treatments, although it is true that a saddlebag in direct contact or a very short distance from the exhaust tends to deteriorate in a very short time. Herein lies the importance of the brackets for the motorcycle or the exhaust guards that some manufactureris offering us, saving our saddlebags and luggage from the heat generated by the exhaust pipe.

The world of motorcycle saddlebags as we have said is very extensive, here we have tried to summarize it in a brief way and tried to clarify some

doubts, but we are aware of the difficulty that often involves making the decision about what will be more or less suitable for us or for our motorcycle, so at EuroBikes we are committed to help you in everything possible by putting at your disposal our team experts who will make sure that you make the right choice with regard to the saddlebags for your motorcycle.

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