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    Discover our catalog of motorcycle saddlebags and motorcycle bags from the best brands in the market: GIVI saddlebags, SHAD motorcycle luggage, OGIO saddlebags.

    Motorcycle saddlebags made of waterproof textile material, of all sizes and designs for all types of motorcycles: Custom, Naked, Cafe Racer, Trail, Enduro and Touring.

    One of the most popular accessories for motorcycle travel are undoubtedly the saddlebags, a practical and comfortable bike accessory for the rider.

    There are many types of saddlebags, from the typical leather saddlebags for custom motorcycles, to the more sporty designs from brands like GIVI offer us for each type of bike and driving. Models such as the GIVI EA100B for Naked and Supersport motorcycles, the Metro-T range and its MT501 or the Sport-T ST601 designed for the increasingly popular Cafe Racer motorcycles, even surprise with a new GRT708 Gravel-T, premium saddlebags for Enduro motorbikes.

    What are the differences between each model of motorcycle saddlebags?

    It depends on the use we want to give to our motorcycle saddlebags. The first thing we have to focus on is the capacity they have and know how much we need. For example, if our idea is to keep everyday objects and the utensils that we transport daily, we can chose 15 liters capacity. But, if we want to keep one or two helmets inside, the capacity that we should look for will be at least 30 liters per bag.

    Another thing to consider in addition to the capacity are the characteristics of the saddlebags, the most common is usually the fact if they are waterproof or not, if you are an adventurer who usually goes out of route with the motorcycle or simply live in an area where frequently rains this feature will be essential since you will keep all the luggage dry and safe from unexpected events.

    Are motorcycle saddlebags safe?

    Yes, as long as we use them for what they are designed and install them with their corresponding support according to the model of your motorcycle.

    Are the motorcycle saddlebags going to burn with the exhaust?

    Most saddlebag models offered by the main brands are made with fireproof materials and treatments, although it is true that a saddlebag in direct contact or a very short distance from the exhaust tends to deteriorate in a very short time. Here lies the importance of the right support for your moto or the exhaust protectors that some manufacturers offer us, saving our saddlebags and luggage from the heat generated by the exhaust pipe.

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