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    The motorcycle jacket is a very important safety element for the motorcycle driver.Brands like Dainese or Alpinestar offer you the best quality products.

    A motorcycle jacket should never be missing from your motorcycle gear.

    Motorcycle jackets can be more or less rigid, with shoulder protectors, elbow pads and treadmills, making them safer for the wearer in case of an accident. Motorcycle jackets are not normal jackets, it is true that it is better to wear any jacket to carry none but the materials with which the normal jackets are made do not withstand the asphalt abrasions, and little protect yougenerate the skin when it comes into contact with the soil. Among those considered as suitable motorcycle jackets we can find sanity, leather or mixed and within them are more focused for summer by their ventilation systems and other more thermal, preventing the entry of air into it to support the temperatures. Before purchasing a jacket or other we must value that we need, the jackets for excellenBut what is the jacket that you need for motorcycle? If your driving is of relatively short trajectory and also in town your jacket should be of sanity, these jackets allow more freedom of movement, you can acquire them with protections of shoulders, elbows and back, many come with a removable thermal to be able to remove it when the temperatures begin to be higher,in addition to having some of them with openings I know that they can be zipped on the chest, back and arms, in order to get more ventilation if it is necessary to make the journey more comfortable if it is hot. Many times the heat causes us to make the insane decision not to wear any type of jacket, but we must remember that it is better to have to sweat a little to have an accident and take a fright with numerous wounds or something worseWhat better not to lie. Leather jackets are much favorites, aside from designs or tastes for their safety, the leather resists better the abrasions of the asphalt in the skin, which will protect us more in case of accident since it takes longer to arrive the contact with the skin while you are dragging along the asphalt.

    Whether it's sanity or leather at Eurobikes we have the best brands in the market to offer you the best prices,in our catalog, such as ACERBIS, ALPINESTARS , DAINESE , GARIBALDI, HELD, KUM, MODEKA, REVIT, THOR and UNRRIVAL, if you have any question or query when purchasing your new motorcycle jacket do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal to help you to make the best choice for your needs, leather or sanity, discreet or striking,sporty or elegant, with strong or soft protections, we will help you to make your choice the right one.


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