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    Discover all the models from the best Adventure Helmets brands of the market inside our catalog. The best adventure helmets, perfect for off-Road and road trips, versatility in every moment.

    If we talk about the motorcycle sector on/off road such as the Triumph Tiger, the Honda Africa Twin or for example the BMW GS 800, the adventure helmets are most suitable for these motorbikes.

    The Adventure Helmets are the most versatile helmets against any other type of helmet, versatile for city, road and off road ways.

    Decades ago, two-wheeled vehicles began to roll on dirt tracks and roads around the world, it was when the Dakar Rally began and got the trail bikes to make their way through each route. As the time goes by, these large Adventure Motorcycles began to be marketed to another type of public with other priorities, leaving aside the dirt tracks, opting more to roll on the asphalt. The big brands of trail and adventure motorcycles, such as: KTM, BMW, TRIUMPH, HONDA, DUCATI, are motorcycles capable of facing all types of terrain, although the user uses them more road than track.

    For this kind of motorcycle there is an ideal helmet, the adventure helmet, a helmet capable to adapt to long asphalt road tours as well as less peaceful terrain trips. A Full-Face helmets, with Flip-Up helmet versions, which will delight any motorcyclist, especially if its riding a Super Adventure Motorcycle.

    The adventure helmets must meet very specific requirements:

    • Mixed use so that the distance does not matter, neither the terrain or the road.

    • Comfortable for long periods of driving 

    • Ventilated for the most hot days trips

    • Waterproof to protect you in raining weather

    • Aerodynamic line to avoid turbulences with high speed driving

    Meeting these requirements is not an easy task, combining comfort, aerodynamics, good air flow, sun visors, anti-fog sheets and the possibility of installing intercoms in a practical and comfortable way, many elements to combine in a motorcycle helmet.

    Within the adventure helmets we will find differences mainly based on their manufacture. Pay attention to the materials with which the shell has been constructed, being able to be thermoplastics, the most economical ones, aramid fibers or carbon fibers, the ones that can also be mixed with glass or kevlar fibers. Adventure helmets made with plastic resins do their job well but we can't ignore that the use of fibers in the manufacture of the helmet as we have mentioned before, give the helmet greater resistance to impacts and possible abrasions in a possible accident, so they are more safe, in addition to being lighter.

    Depending on the driver, and the actual use of the helmet, an adventure helmet type or other will be recommended. In cases of motorway travel we would need an adventure helmet that has an optimal aerodynamic design, a visor that does not disturb, in addition to a screen that fits well to air and water tight, and that has a Pinlock system to repel the fog if you want to install the Pinlock, included in some standard helmets. In cases where the routes are more off road we should look for an adventure helmet with greater air openings to improve the flow of the same, helping to breathe better and evacuate the heat quickly, a regulation of the entrances and the use of grids or filters in the air intakes will help prevent the entry of dust inside the helmet.

    As for screens in Helmets Adventure, you have to know if they have a solar view or not, and if this will protect us the way we want, most of this type of helmets have it but it must be easy to activate and deactivate.

    We can't forget the closing system, most helmets have micro-metric buckle closure, but someones use the double buckle system, a bit more cumbersome to close, especially with gloves, but certainly the safest system.

    Without forgetting that all helmets must be approved by the European Union, in addition to the level of security, "P" if they are protective, they are usually modular or integral, "N / P" if they are not protective, they are the ones that the chin guard remains free and unprotected, and "J" for jet or open face types, in addition there are the "P / J" helmets with double homologation that allow them to circulate with them with the chin guard closed or open, at the user's pleasure. The size of the helmet must be appropriate, it should not be too tight or loose.


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