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    A wide catalog in racing motorcycle boots, enduro boots, motocross boots and motorcycle shoes. Casual or sports biker footwear according to the type of driving you practice, the maximum protection on your feet accompanied by the best quality.

    Motorcycle boots are a key element for the safety of the motorcyclist. A type of motorcycle boot for each type of driver from the best brands: Alpinestars motorcycle boots, Dainese boots, Vquattro motorcycle boots, Revit boots, Acerbis, etc ...

    The motorcycle boots play an essential role during our driving, they must protect our feet, shins and ankles in possible falls, abrasions and cuts, without hindering the use of our motorcycle. Another function of motorcycle boots is that they must protect us from the weather, from rain with waterproof membranes such as Gore-tex, D-Dry, the Drystar membrane from Alpinestars or H2Out, from the cold and at the same time be breathable and refresh the foot in warm climates.

    The material of manufacture par excellence of the motorcycle boots is the leather, but at the moment exists a wide range in the market of new synthetic materials, more resistant, light, and breathable that the leather as for example the cordura textile, the kevlar, the fiber of carbon, titanium, gore-tex sheets, etc ...

    Racing motorcycle boots: Also known as sport boots, are designed for more aggressive and sporty driving, usually bring among their benefits the most technical and innovative materials. Medium, lightweight and comfortable motorcycle boots, designed to protect the entire ankle and foot. Some incorporate neoprene inner boots for greater support and comfort.

    Touring motorcycle boots: The main objective of these boots is to offer great comfort on long trips or their repeated use. They are mostly medium-reed motorcycle boots made of resistant and abrasion-resistant materials and with insulating membranes for cold and moisture. Walking with this type of motorcycle boot should also be comfortable. The booty type has become fashionable and even there are those that simulate the aesthetics of common footwear.

    Custom motorcycle boots: Most of these motorcycle boots are made of leather, are classic cut, with a high cane, have few or no reinforcement and are motorcycle boots designed primarily designed to provide comfort in this style of driving.

    Motocross or Enduro boots: They are more robust boots, made of leather, high cane and totally rigid sole, designed for driving off road, prepared to protect both the foot and the leg of the possible impact of rocks, branches and falls . Quite uncomfortable to walk with them once we got off the motorbike. This category of motorcycle boots includes the enduro, motocross, supermotard, trial or trail boots.

    Urban or casual motorbike boots: For day to day, they are similar to touring motorcycle boots, but in this case they are more like booties or sneakers, they are usually discreet boots that combine with any type of clothes or pants.

    Things to have in mind when we want to but a motorcycle boots:

    • The boot should fit our foot, normally the size of the boot is usually a number more than our daily footwear.
    • Tall boots may be less comfortable than the others that only covers the ankle, but there is a big difference in protection. Keep that in mind.
    • Most motorcycle boots are made of much thicker leather in order to have a high resistance to abrasion. Recently some motorcycle boot manufacturers use textile materials that are abrasion resistant and more breathable than leather.
    • Look for reinforcements in areas of the boot with greater wear, such as double layers of leather, textiles, or even plastic sliders. The type of closure is a somewhat more personal choice and less relevant in terms of security.
    • When you buy some motorcycle boots, make sure how they are constructed. The best motorcycle boots usually have double or triple stitching. Soles that are simply stuck usually last less than those that are also sewn.
    • Boots with hard soles have longer durability but less grip than soft soles.

    Things to have in ming while we take care of our motorcycle boots:

    • Take careof our motorcycle boots is practically the same as caring for a normal footwear
    • Use a damp cloth to clean them.
    • Avoid as much as possible the chemicals that can damage the skin or other tissues.
    • If it is necessary to clean the motorcycle boot thoroughly use neutral soap.
    • If you try to dry them with some source of heat you can deform the protections or damage the inner membranes.
    • If your motorcycle boots are made with leather you can use liquid wax or transparent bitumen.

    Motorcycle boots are important for your safety as are motorcycle helmets or motorcycle jackets.


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