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    What should we know before buying a motorcycle battery?

    Motorcycle batteries are a fundamental element for the good functioning in any motorcycle, and in Eurobikes we have all that you need, in different brands, models and capacities

    If you are looking for a motorcycle battery or  a battery charger on Eurobikes we can help you get what you need. Since the battery charger for these elements are presented as a very important extra implement and although normally batteries should not be discharged by themselves when they are in good condition, there are external agents that we can neglect and do it in a fast way, so owning a motorcycle battery charger can get you out os problems.

    Batteries are a very important component of our motorcycle and many people do not give it enough importance. To buy the correct battery you must know the make, model and year of the motorcycle, since of the same model, from one year to another, there are manufacturers that change the type of batestuary.

    • You must know the actual amperage (Ah) used by your motorcycle, so as not to create inconveniences, as today's motorcycles have integrated a large number of electronic elements vital to its proper functioning.
    • Know the need for cold start current and the necessary load requirements.
    • Know which type of battery is right in a choice between conventional and dry. If you do not want to do maintenance periodically you must choose the sealed batteries. It should be noted that they have a useful life up to 50% more than conventional ones.


    1. Acid batteries, non-sealed: They have compartments with distilled water, which you must check periodically to prolong its life.
    2. Acid Batteries, Sealed: No rethey want no special treatment and have a longer shelf life than conventional ones.

    Non Conventional:

    1. Gel batteries: They are of the category of greater durability, maintenance free, do not generate losses and many of them have intensity meters to know if it requires of load or not.
    2. Lithium Ion battery: They are not very common, they possess 1/3 the weight and size of the conventional ones, they have higher prices and long duration.

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