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Casco Hjc Rpha 11 Venom Marvel
Casco Hjc Rpha 11 Venom
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Helmet Hjc Rpha 11 Venom

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RPHA 11 integral motorcycle helmets offer high impact resistance and abrasion resistance in the event of an accident.

The RPHA 11 motorcycle helmets have been designed with the best technology of the famous brand HJC, and offer optimal qualities for use on motorbikes.

Motorcycle helmets are an indispensable element in the safety of the pilot and co-pilot. The RPHA is a high-quality integral motorcycle helmet type , which features the latest HJC technology and offers full safety for unfortunate situations in the event of an accident. The RPHA 11 are the complete HJC helmets par excellence, ideal for more sporty driving and even enter the circuit, where the skillsis that you are required to the case of motorcycle are very high.

The new HJC RPHA 11 has been designed to provide a maximum optimum shell, offering with this design a greater air intake perfectly to improve the flow in the hull ventilation. In the design of the RPHA 11 great efforts were invested in achieving perfect aerodynamics, which provides superior performance at high speeds.

The RPHA 11has a system for extraction in case of emergency in cases of accident. It offers a wide field of view thanks to the HJ-26 screen, giving more amplitude to the pilot's vision, which together with the new ventilation system are the main novelties of the new RPHA 11 of HJC.

The RPHA 11 shell is made of carbon fiber, providing maximum competence in lightness and strength. The closure of the houseco is double buckle, considered the safest of the closure for motorcycle helmets.

The RPHA 11 incorporates new air intakes that improve the flow and ventilation of the hull. The new air ducts are wider and with better flow between them. We can find some grilles on the sides of the back of the helmet, which together with the spoiler allow a better extraction of hot air and moisture on the inside of the helmet.

  • Refurbished hull interior for comfort and dissipation of heat and moisture.
  • Multicool system that guarantees optimum transpiration in the different areas of the hull for better pilot comfort.
  • Quick extraction system in case of emergency.
  • Manufactured in carbon fiber to maximize strength and lightness.
  • Interior quilts completeremovable for cleaning.
  • Greater viewing screen HJ-26.
  • Stands for Pinlock, and Pinlock included.
  • Dark tinted gift screen.
  • Double buckle closure system.
  • Cover covers nose.
  • Cover covers chin.
  • ECE approval 22 05.

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