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Helmet Hjc Rpha 11 Boba Fett

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Helmet Fett Helmet for HJC

With this spectacular decoration Boba Fett, HJC offers us his helmet RPHA 11 remember that this edition is limited.

One of the latest designs by HJC is Boba Fett and has been incorporated into one of his best helmets the RPHA11 , Boba Fett is a Star Wars character, was a human bounty hunter, in addition to being the clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett . Boba Fett was created in the image and likeness of the soldiers created forthe army of the Republic. Raised as Jango's son, Jango was later killed in the Battle of Geonosis, which marked the beginning of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the young Boba vowed to take revenge on Jedi Master Mace Windu for murdering his father, Jango. After the uprising of the Galactic Empire was when Boba obtained the reputation of being one of the hunting recompensthe most deadly galaxies in the galaxy. After the Battle of Hoth, Boba Fett and other hunt rewards were claimed by Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, to locate Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, using these to lure Luke Skywalker into a trap. Boba fulfilled the mandate of Vader and took to Han Solo frozen in carbonite to Tatooine, to receive the reward that offered Jabba by its capture. Desafter Han Solo's friends in the Alliance to restore the republic organized a recess in Tatooine, there was a hard battle in the Great Well of Carkoon, it was then when Boba Fett was accidentally pushed by Han Solo into a sarlacc while Boba Fett was fighting rebellious rescuers.

After knowing the history of this mythical character of Star Wars we give way to mention the fabThe specifications and characteristics of the RPHA 11, the hull chosen to mount this decoration.

Specifications RPHA 11 :

Based on the successful RPHA10 the new RPHA11 features a novel ventilation system, in addition to incorporating new details in safety, aerodynamics and featuresn bigger and better visual field, It is the most sporty hull of the HJC family.

The outer shell of the helmet has been manufactured by advanced composites of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Aramide. The set of these compounds allows to offer a greater resistance against impacts in accident, maintaining without problems a contained weight, therefore it remains a light helmet.

The air intakes have been redesigned to improve your ventilation.the front air intakes have been trained to absorb more air and as a whole the ventilation ducts are now wider, thus achieving that improvement of ventilation, the regulation of the upper air inlet has 7 points of regulation for a greater adaptability to the preferences of the user. It has a rear spoiler, next to it we find two exit holes, in addition to grids on each side of therear area of ​​the hull, thus ensuring the total removal of moisture and hot air from the interior of the hull.

The display of the RPHA 11 provides a greater field of vision than its predecessors, as well as anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. It incorporates a clear, dark screen and has the system of supports for Tear-Off and Pinlock, the screen of Pinlok comes included andprevents the screen from fogging up. Redesigned locking system to make opening and closing easier and more comfortable. It has the RapidFir system, which allows faster, easier and tool-free disassembly.

Inside the hull we find the Multicool system, manufactured with three different textiles to offer maximum comfort to the user. It has the emergency extraction system for caccidents. All quilts are removable and washable.
The locking system is double buckle, has nose covers and chin covers.

A sport bike helmet , comfortable and light, with only a weight of 1300 grams.

  • Refurbished hull interior for comfort and dissipation of heat and moisture.
  • Quick extraction system in case of emergency.
  • Manufactured in carbon fiber to maximize strength and lightness.
  • Quilted interior completely removable for cleaning.
  • Stands for Pinlock, and Pinlock included.
  • Dark tinted gift screen.
  • Double buckle closure system.
  • Cover covers nose.
  • Cover covers chin.
  • ECE approval 22 05.

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