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Casco AGV K3 Sv Mariniv

Helmet AGV K3 SV Marini

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Agv launches in full helmets for 2017 the K3 Sv with new completions and added features, such as the possibility of using pinlock (included).

An integral motorcycle helmet perfect for young and experienced pilots, with high-end features, with great aerodynamics and soundproofing.

The latest innovation in full helmets Agv, the helmet Agv K3 Sv , belongs to the 2017 Agv season . A complete motorcycle helmet evolved on the K3 model, in its development has been followed by two other big motorcycle helmets from Agv, the Agv Pista GP and the Agv Corsa, from which it inherits many details that make it a helmet of highly evolved motorcycle. The Agv K3 Sv is aintegral helmet with the most advanced technology of Agv.

AGV offers us different finishes for the Agv K3 Sv hull:

  • Hull AGV K3 Sv Groovy
  • Hull AGV K3 Sv Marini
  • Helmet AGV K3 Sv Bulega
  • Helmet AGV K3 Sv Bollo 46
  • Helmet AGV K3 SV Elements
  • Helmet AGV K3 Sv Turtle
  • Helmet AGV K3 Sv Misano 2011
  • Hull AGV K3 Sv Five Continents
  • Helmet AGV K3 Sv Winter Test 2012
  • Helmet Agv K3 Sv Avior White and Amarillo

Agv has created the K3 Sv marking a point of reference in the sector, for its great comfort, safety and aerodynamics. A multipurpose helmet, suitable for younger riders as first helmet, as well as for motorcycle users who are focused on seeking comfort and performance.

The cap is made of HIR-TH, ie high strength resinoplástica, is manufactured in two sizes of cap to better cover the sizes of each user, from the XS to the XXL. The helmet screen is enabled for the installation of the Pinlock system, also included in series next to the helmet. It has the homologation ECE 22 05. With an approximate weight according to size of 1470 grams. A motorcycle helmet that features four five-star Sharp safety tests.

He iThe head of the hull is completely removable for a correct washing, divided into three parts, a central and two sides. In the central part we will see four brackets, two in the front and two in the back to disassemble it, also on each cheek saw three other brackets on each side to be able to disassemble them as well.

The removable components are made in Drand-Comfort, through a disinfectant treatment to avoid the appearance of any type of bacteria and not produce allergies. Being fully washable.

It has an interior with a hole designed for the installation of the intercom system Ready System.

The visor of the helmet features the XQRS (Quick Release System X-Tra) system an patented Agv system for the disassembly and assembly e screen more easily.

The PVS (Visor Perimeter Seal) system is also part of this motorcycle helmet, which improves insulation against noise.

The helmet screen is available in a wide range of colors, consists of an anti-fog treatment, increased protection against UV rays, and another anti-scratch treatment.

: justify "> Helmet ventilation is a key point, has been developed to offer the greatest comfort in the air flow, has a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) system, these are guides that provide the best circulation of the air flow inside the hull.

The ventilation system has two upper and one central side inlets that send the airflow to the post partof the hull where the extractors are located, to extract hot air and moisture.

In the chin has another opening for the air flow, with an interior opening drive.

The closure of the helmet is micrometric of eight positions, a comfortable closure besides safe.

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